Forthcoming Issues

        Forthcoming Issues

        June 2022

        Total Well-being
        Alison J. Brainard and Lyndsay M. Hoy, Editors

        September 2022

        Orthopedic Anesthesiology
        Philipp Lirk and Kamen Vlassakov, Editors

        December 2022

        Vascular  Anesthesia
        Megan P. Kostibas and Heather K. Hayanga, Editors

        Recent Issues

        December 2021

        Obstetrical Anesthesia
        May C.M. Pian-Smith and Rebecca D. Minehart, Editors

        September 2021

        Perioperative Monitoring
        Gabriella Iohom and Girish P. Joshi, Editors

        June 2021

        Anesthesiologists in Times of Disaster
        Jesse Raiten and Lee A. Fleisher, Editors
        Critical Care Clinics